MZ-24 Soft Case



Ultimate Multifunctional Soft Case

The multifunctional MZ-24 soft case features specialized compartments and a double zipper top cover structure.  This top cover design enables you to take cues out from the top and carry assembled cues in the case.  The newly improved MZ-24 is a perfect blend of function and style.  An ideal choice for competitive amateurs and professional players.

Compartment:   2 Butt x 4 Shaft

Size:   34.2 in/H x 5.5 in/W x 3 in/D 

Weight:   3.5 lb 

Small Pocket:   8 in/H x 3.5 in/W x 1.8 in/D 

Large Pocket:   17.3 in/H x 3.5 in/W x 1.8 in/D  

Colors:   Black, Brown, Blue

Material:   Synthetic Leather

MZ-24 Soft Case Information

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