MS-24 Hard Case



Functionality at its finest

The all-new MS-24 case brings a sportline feel to the traditional hard case. An excellent case that delivers functional features such as the two back straps that can be attached to create a backpack case or removed to have the more traditional carry case. With a spacious main compartment that fits two butts and four shafts, the case gives the player the complete package to compete. The case also has a separate frontal compartment that can accommodate a jump butt as well as a cue extension. The functionality goes further with a small pocket that can fit your Mezz Glove and Chalk. Protect your cues with only the finest Mezz case collection.

Compartment:   2 Butt x 4 Shaft

Size:   34.6 in/H x 5.3 in/W x 2.8 in/D 

Weight:   4.5 lb 

Pocket:   23.6 in/H x 3.9 in/W x 2.8 in/D 

Colors:   Black, Black/White, Black/Red, Blue/Black, Gray/Black, Light Blue/Brown, Brown/Black

Material:   Synthetic Leather, Nylon

MS-24 Hard Case Information

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