Ignite 12.2 Wavy2 Billiard Shaft


Featuring the finest Japanese aerospace grade carbon fiber material coupled with the Ignite Composite Laminating Technology (ICLT), a new responsive front-end design and the vibration dampening core material, the IGNITE 12.2 mm shaft ensures a true natural feel and minifies deflection which eliminates inconsistencies when using spin.  The ICLT eradicates unwanted gaps and "dead lines" that can occur during the manufacturing process providing accuracy for ultimate playability.  Together with the Ignite constant pro taper, this shaft delivers a smooth, stable and powerful feel after each shot.

Tip:   Zan Plus M

Joint:   Wavy2

Tip Diameter:   12.2 mm

Ferrule:   IG4 Plate Ferrule

Taper:   IGNITE Pro Taper

Shaft Length:   29" and 30"

Joint Protector:   Included

Made in Japan

IGNITE 12.2 Shaft Information

Shaft Technology Information

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