Exceed X-Bolt Weight Cartridge Kit



The set consists of six different weight bolts ranging from 0.1 oz, 0.2 oz, 0.3 oz, 0.4 oz, 0.5 oz, and 1.0 oz. Can be used with a single bolt or a combination of two bolts, the range from 0.1 oz to 1.5 oz can be adjusted in 0.1 oz increments.
The unique steel hex key has a storage compartment that can hold every bolt. The set is completed with a genuine leather case to store the whole set. The X-Bolt is an accessory that combines a sense. of utility and luxury typical of EXCEED.

** Not compatible with Exceed Cue models produced before 2022 **

Package Contents:
X-Bolt  (0.1 oz, 0.2 oz, 0.3 oz, 0.4 oz, 0.5 oz, 1.0 oz)
Hex Key 
Leather Case

X-Bolt 0.1 oz, 0.2 oz : Aluminum
X-Bolt 0.3 oz, 0.4 oz, 0.5 oz, 1.0 oz : Brass
X-Holder : Aluminum / Cap : Delrin
Hex Key : Steel
Case : Genuine Leather

Exceed X-Bolt Information


  • Do not use this product for any other applications other than the one stipulated.
  • Do not use more than 3 X-Bolts at a time as this will cause issues during use.
  • Refrain from increasing the weight over 1.6 oz as this will make the X-Bumper unattachable.
  • The X-Bolt is exclusively for Exceed Cues. This product will not fit other cues from different manufacturers.
  • The X-Bolts are only compatible with Exceed Cues produced starting in 2022. 
    Please check before use. 

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