EC9-R Billiard Cue



A Classic Reimagined

The successor of the EC7 series brings a freshened appreciation for the natural beauty of exotic woods.  A simple but striking design of the new EC9 accompanied with accented white and double stitched silver rings accentuates its elegance.  Introducing the minimal deflecting straight pro taper shaft, the WX-Sigma advances players' capabilities in competition.  Using a variety of rare woods in line with the Miki's ideology, simplicity over complexity, the EC9 is ready to perform. 

Forearm Wood:   Rose Wood

Butt Sleeve:   Rose Wood

Shaft:   WX-Sigma (12.5 mm)

Tip:   Kamui Original S

Ring:   Double Stitched Silver 

Joint:   United 

Grip:   Black Irish Linen Wrap

Joint Protectors:   Included

Made in Japan

** Customization of Shaft Option and Shaft Length will incur an additional charge.  Shaft and length options may not be readily available.  Please visit the individual Shaft product page to view availability.

** Variations in wood grain and color are natural characteristics of authentic wood products.  No two items are exactly the same and may vary slightly from the images shown.

** Cue weight requests are at approximations and may not be exact.

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