Avant Cue Wrapless Butt - Blue



AVT Series

The Weight and Balance You Desire

The revolutionary AVANT with its Dual Loading System offers unparalleled customizability allowing the AVANT cue to be balanced and weight-adjusted at the same time. Optimum weight and balance can be achieved through 8 different bolts which can be inserted in the butt end and forearm to adapt the weight and balance in 0.25 oz increments. In addition, the AVANT comes standard with the X bumper, so the Mezz extensions (sold separately) can be installed.

Forearm Wood:   Composite wood (Black)

Butt Sleeve:   Composite wood (Black)

Butt Sleeve Inlays:   Light Blue Dragon Juma

Butt Length:   29 inches  (737mm)

Joint:   United 

Grip:   Wood Grip  (No Wrap)

Bumper:   X-Bumper

Joint Protector:   Included

Hex Key for Weight Bolts:   Included

Weight:   15 oz  (435g)

Weight Bolt Set:   Not Included

Made in Japan

Avant Wrapless Cue Butt Information

** The AVANT is sold as a butt only model.
Players may purchase any shaft of their choice and further the experience of having a truly original cue. 

** Weight Bolts are sold separately.

** Variations in wood grain and color are natural characteristics of authentic wood products.  No two items are exactly the same and may vary slightly from the images shown.

** Cue weight requests are at approximations and may not be exact.

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