WX-∑ (Sigma) SWS Billiard Shaft



The patented Mezz Shaft Weight System (SWS) enables you to customize the weight of your cue for a more forward balance with the 4 different weight bolts installed.  With this system, you can even make your cue to the desired weight and balance by using both the shaft and the butt weight system. 

The WX-∑ (Sigma) low deflection shaft features the straight pro taper design for a smooth and stable feel shot after shot. The re-engineered front end design combined with the XJ powerplate offers further reduction in deflection for unmatched performance and consistency.

Tip:   Kamui Original S

Tip Diameter:   12.5 mm

Ferrule:   XJ Powerplate

Taper:   Pro Slim Taper

Shaft Length:   29" Standard

Joint Protector:   Included 

 Made in Japan

** Limited Availability

** Variations in wood grain and color are natural characteristics of authentic wood products.  No two items are exactly the same and may vary slightly from the images shown.

SWS Technology

Mezz WX-∑ Shaft Information

Shaft Technology Information

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