Avant Cue Wrapless Butt - Pink



AVT Series

The Weight and Balance You Desire
Dual Load System (DSL)

The revolutionary AVANT with its Dual Loading System offers unparalleled customizability allowing the AVANT cue to be balanced and weight-adjusted at the same time. Optimum weight and balance can be achieved through 8 different bolts which can be inserted in the butt end and forearm to adapt the weight and balance in 0.25 oz increments. In addition, the AVANT comes standard with the X bumper, so the Mezz extensions (sold separately) can be installed.

Forearm Wood:   Composite wood (Black)

Butt Sleeve:   Composite wood (Black)

Butt Sleeve Inlays:   Pink Dragon Juma

Butt Length:   29 inches  (737mm)

Joint:   Wavy 2 

Grip:   Wood Grip  (No Wrap)

Bumper:   X-Bumper

Joint Protector:   Included

Hex Key for Weight Bolts:   Included

Weight:   15 oz  (435g)

Weight Bolt Set:   Not Included

Made in Japan

Avant Wrapless Cue Butt Information

** The AVANT is sold as a butt only model.
Players may purchase any shaft of their choice and further the experience of having a truly original cue. 

** Weight Bolts are sold separately.

** Variations in wood grain and color are natural characteristics of authentic wood products.  No two items are exactly the same and may vary slightly from the images shown.

** Cue weight requests are at approximations and may not be exact.

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