JPC-35 Hard Case



Pro Tour Cue Case

Textured synthetic leather, combined with the durable lightweight construction, give this classic case a fashionable look.  Various pocket features provide additional space for gear and accessories. This simple, but elegant design continues to make the JPC-35 case popular among professionals and amateur players alike.

Compartment:   3 Butt x 5 Shaft

Size:   35.4 in/H x 5 in/W x 3 in/D 

Weight:   4.6 lb 

Small Pocket:   7.5 in/H x 3.7 in/W x 1.4 in/D 

Large Pocket:   17.3 in/H x 3.7 in/W x 1.4 in/D 

Colors:   Brown

Material:   Synthetic Leather

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